Illumio Core Python API Client#

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The illumio python library exposes Policy Compute Engine API endpoints through an easy-to-use interface.

illumio is compatible with Illumio Core PCE versions 21.2 and up.

Already have illumio installed and ready to get started? Check out the Quickstart Guide.

If not, see the Install Guide, or just run:

$ python -m pip install illumio

Take advantage of the Illumio PCE’s powerful APIs in just a few lines of code:

>>> from illumio import PolicyComputeEngine
>>> pce = PolicyComputeEngine('', port='443', org_id='1')
>>> pce.set_credentials('api_key', 'api_secret')
>>> workloads = pce.workloads.get(
...     params={
...         'managed': True,
...         'enforcement_mode': 'visibility_only'
...     }
... )
>>> workloads

User Guide#

These guides provide an introduction to using the illumio library, common use-cases, and show how to manage the various policy objects and functions in the PCE.

API Documentation#

Full API documentation on classes, functions, and methods that make up the illumio library can be found here.